Interview on possibilities SAP HANA Cloud Platform

At SAP Innovation forum I was interviewed about the possibilities of SAP's HANA Cloud Platform.

Video is in Dutch. So a short translation in English ;-)

  • At The Next View we embrace innovation in order to support the end user with user friendly SAP solutions
  • Session at SAP forum was about how to simplify your SAP landscape with SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Worldwide IT trend is to move to the cloud, so is SAP. Huge investments in the past five years in cloud solutions.
  • Reconsider your custom developments, are the really necessary? Is standard SAP capable of handling these requirements? Can you move it to the cloud? Keep your backend as vanilla as possible, extend it in the cloud.
  • Embrace SAP's new innovations, especially with SAP HANA Cloud Platform totally new possibilities come in reach like Internet of Things, Predictive, Analysis, ...
  • Sure TCO is important, but all these new innovations become available faster and faster. Use them to add value to your business.
  • Stay on track with SAP's roadmap. Take small steps into the future.


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