This week at SAP // 27

Jeff Word
Killer use cases at Centerpoint part I and part II
How to make use of the possibilities that SAP HANA Platform offers. These two episodes explain how agents of a utilities call center are supported with predictive analysis. Customers are ‘mind read’ and when a customer calls the agent ‘knows’ what the customer is calling about.

Vinnie Mirchandani
SAP Nation 2.0: The Bigger Story
Vinnie is working on his successor of SAP Nation. Initially to address the launch of S/4HANA, but along the way customer stories and the troubles in aligning SAP acquisitions got to his writing table. Will be an interesting read.

Matthias Steiner
From zero to hero in four hours
One blog to rule them all. Experience most commonly used platform services to build your own HANA Cloud Platform mobile app. Robin van het Hof already stated that it doesn’t make sense to write any other development blogs regarding this topic ...

Chris Kernaghan
HANA Cloud Platform, why it is important from a customer point of view
Five reasons by Chris for customers to have a serious look at SAPHCP. Agility and just switch off non-used apps. See how you realise that with the traditional ABAP platform.


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