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Recap #sitNL episode 007 (2015)

Recap SAP Inside Track NL, The Cloud Is Not Enough

Finally, 13 weeks after the event a recap blog on our 7th sitNL, SAP Inside Track the Netherlands. Some things have changed, guess that’s why it took me so long ;-). Anyway the event was a community success again and worth recapping here on SCN. Hey, we even made to a trending topic in the Netherlands.

As it was episode 7 the link to 007 was easily thought off. Kickoff of the event was 007 style but two other movies played an important role: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Recap in numbers

  • 1147 #sitNL tweets
  • 95 registered attendees
  • 25 speakers
  • 22 sessions
  • 13 SAP Mentors onsite
  • 5 crates of beer
  • 3 parallel tracks
  • 1 junior SAP Mentor with live game coding
  • 1 pubquiz
  • 1 from Finland, 1 from Bavaria and 1 from Limburg (NL)
  • 1 droid BB-8 running around in an IoT session

Recap sessions

Please check our agenda or wiki page with links to all (well most of them) slides.

Recap in tweets

Recap in pictures

Matthias opening with "You shall PaaS"

Agenda / twitter wall

Crowded BI track

Paying attention


Group picture

SAP Mentor junior Daniel

SCN PubQuiz

2016 predictions

More pictures in our sitNL album.

Highest valued sessions, based on participants evaluation
  • SAP HCP Internet of Things update && Control BB-8 with SAPHCP
  • Practical example of hacking the SAP Solution Manager
  • SCN pubquiz

SAP Inside Tracks are community events, unconference style, where you get to learn an awful lot from your peers. Make sure that you at least visit one in 2016, place it on your bucketlist. If you do not belief me, just ask one of the participants of any inside track from all over the world.
See you next time.

Closing quote

“Difficult to choose between missions – so the agenda was really great!” by Jan Willem Molenaar

Thanks to our sponsors
sitNL partypeople:


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