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Agenda UI5 Conference and SAP Inside Track Netherlands

Ladies and Gentlemen … Proudly we present to you … the agenda’s for our UI5 conference and SAP Inside Track NL on November 25 and 26.

UI5 Conference (#UI5con)

10:00Welcome and opening
Jan Penninkhof
10:30Roadmap UI5
Margot Wollny
11:10Debugging Fiori and UI5 apps
DJ Adams 
11:50Building an offline UI5 app, learnings
Ted Castelijns, Jan Penninkhof
13:30UI5 Core elementsFrom design to prototype to build an UI5 app
Michael GrafRobert Eijpe
14:10Automating OpenUI5S/4HANA Fiori architecture
Oliver RogersMarcel Smits
15:20How to write code which is better for testing
Karol Kalisz
16:00Latest Javascript features (6th, 7nd edition of ECMAScript)
Vladimir Hilderink
17:10Wrap up
Jan Penninkhof

SAP Inside Track Netherlands (#sitNL)

9:30Welcome and opening
Twan van den Broek
10:00Something cloudyApple-SAP a Swift introSAP TechEd recap
Matthias SteinerVincent WeissRonald Konijnenburg, Sven van Leuken
10:40What a CDS-view can do for youFiori SDK for iOSBW on HANA, BW7.5, BW4/HANA
Ben MeijsJan Penninkhof, Robin van het HofUlrich Christ
11:20IoT cloud2cloud connect for HCPS/4HANA – what it really is and what notBW4/HANA implementation stories
Mark TeichmannTamas SzirtesJan van Ansem
13:00SAP IoT – All about the road to IoTMachine Learning 101BO Cloud and Analytics Roadmap
Karol KaliszFred VerheulIver van der Zand
13:40Bring your own language on HCPS/4HANA AnalyticsDesign Studio handson
Christian DrummDmitry KuznetsovJeroen van der A
14:20Developing extensions for SAP Cloud solutions with HCPSecurity in 140 charactersGetting acquainted with statistics – SAP Predictive analytics
Tsovinar Chugazyan, Ilian AlekovFrank KöhntoppRoel van Bommel
15:30Alternative input methods in FioriOne phone is all it takes to hack my SAP systemIBCS – SUCCESS with Design Studio
Tom van DoorslaerJoris van de VisRonald van Lent
16:10My SAP TechEd Fiori takeawaysSafeToBike hackathon with HCP360suite in combination with BO upgrades
Roel van den BergeKenny van SleuwenFlorent Hu
17:20Wrap up
Twan van den Broek
Sven van Leuken, Dick Groenhof
Mrs. Penninkhof
These two events would not be possible without the support of our well appreciated sponsors:

We look forward to meet you in Eindhoven next week.
  • Jan Penninkhof,
  • Wim Snoep,
  • Roel van den Berge,
  • Ronald Konijnenburg,
  • Sven van Leuken,
  • Tamas Szirtes,
  • Fred Verheul,
  • Robin van het Hof,
  • Twan van den Broek

Agenda also posted at SCN.


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