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Mashup applications

What is a Mashup application? Interesting question, well let's compare to the music world: a famous Dutch DJ, Ben Liebrand, made an interesting mashup mix:

So you take the lyrics of one track and the music from another track. The best result is of course when you are very suprising in the combination. In fact Ben made a composite from Michaels lyrics and Europe's music.

So what is a mashup application? You take a service from one system (let's say SAP) and another one from another system. You combine them both into a composite application.
Or, when you look at my previous post, you take 2 BAPI's from our demo SAP system and combine them with a webservice that gives you the weather forecast for a specific city.

You can also read Ron Tolido's article on Mashup Corporations, and his explanation on Mashup applications.


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