Composite Applications: Real or Hype?

Composite applications, hype or real? Is it just a new way to develop applications or is it really something new? In this article an explanation is given on composite applications within the SAP world. What are composite applications and how they will help you to innovate your business process.

You can read more about this in my article that I published on SDN, Composite Applications, Real or Hype?

And yes, I am very happy again that SDN published a link on the SDN homepage.


Anonymous said…

You are on the front page of SDN again... good stuff, mate.

One question: talking about composite applications, we should make a distinction between two types: 1) "mash-ups" that are lite-weigh composite applications, focussing on Web2.0 technology and which are very UI centric and 2) the "real" composite applications that have a strong BPM/process orchestration component, that focus on distributed data manupilation and that we know from tools like PI ccBPM, SAP NW CE, etc.

So: Mash-up is the relatively simple stuff for endusers that play around with Visual Composer, Google Maps, etc.; real composites is the real stuff, more for IT professionals that have to deal with distributed transaction processing.

What do you think?

Rik L.

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