Doing scrum without knowing

Just stumbled upon two old pics. Couldn't help thinking that I am already doing scrum in SAP projects much longer than my current project which is often called the first SAP project using scrum in NL.

Here's one of a project in 2003:

And another one of a giant dashboard in 2004/2005:

Do not underestimate the power of simplified communication. A dashboard gives your team (and yourself) a great overview on where your project is standing. It doesn't have to be very difficult, a brown paper or a whiteboard and some post-its and there you go...


Anonymous said…
Hi Twan,

i'm not deep into scrum till now, but when i see these photos of the wall i'm wondering if this method can be used for project-teams that are working in different locations.

How are they able to see, change or add information from a different place to be an active part of the project?

Are there any electronic tools that you are using in this case without loosing the simplicity?

Best regards
tbroek said…
Hi Christian,

Both pics were taken at a project with the complete team on the same location. There are several online dashboards available, such as
Currently I have no experience using online dashboards.

Kind regards

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