Sunday, December 04, 2011

SAP communities ROCK!

What could possibly motivate 70+ people to come together on a Saturday in Eindhoven?

Was it to:
  • Share passion with 70+ geeks and peers?
  • Exchange business cards from 30+ different companies?
  • Attend one of the 14 expert sessions?
  • Meet with one the 11 (!) SAP Mentors?
  • Shake hands with one the 5 DemoJam heroes?
  • Enjoy Mrs. Penninkhof’s dinner?
It was - of course - all of the above. And it was a blast; the third SAP Inside Track in the Netherlands proved once again that the SAP community rocks!

Please continue reading on my SDN blog. It contains 2 interesting tweets and 17 replays of the day.
sitNL speakersclub laughing
sitNL speakersclub 2011
(Sven van Leuken and William van Strien missing)

Participants cloud
sitNL participants cloud

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