InnoJam and Design Thinking

SAP made a really nice recap movie from this years InnoJam in Madrid. Being part of the WeCare team, I'm happy to say that we were one of the winners ...

Well organized by SAP and even better supported by all kind of InnoJam Gurus:

InnoJam Guru

Basic concept:
  • Predefined business cases around a theme "Better Cities - Better Lives"
  • Lot of enthusiasts with all kind of expertise
  • Latest and Greatest from SAP toys
  • SAP InnoJam gurus to support you on using the toys
  • Facilitators per team for the Design Thinking part
  • Inspiration, ideas and lots of energy to start working
  • 30 hours time
After the introduction and building the groups the Design Thinking part took off. Being involved in InnoJam's predecessors Process Design Slam and Innovation Weekend - the puzzle now became complete. What a great way to start working on a business case. With the methodology you slowly dive into the matter for a thorough understanding and guidance in your thoughts. 
This sure tastes like more, can't wait to actually use it in 'real-life' projects.

See also my feedback on the Design Thinking part of SAP InnoJam in Den Bosch, earlier this year. Rui Nogueira (of course) took his camera and got me at some weird time of the day ;-)


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