Kick off VNSG focus group SAP Custom Development

March 25, Kickoff VNSG SAP Custom Development Focus group. A group that focuses on developers was still missing and is now setup by developers:
  • Jan Willem Kaagman - chair
  • Fred Verheul
  • Jan Penninkhof
  • Roel van den Berge

Kickoff of the Kickoff by Jan-Willem

A huge show up proved that there is enough interest to get together around topics like:
  • ABAP in Eclipse
  • ABAP for HANA
  • SAP Fiori (in close collaboration with the User Experience Focus Group)
  • Offshore development

First talk of the day was by Ben Meijs, about ABAP in Eclipse.

Some highlights

  • Development support with quick fixes
  • Add bookmarks in your code
  • Compare versions
  • Integration of all the new IDE’s

Next was Jens Weiler about ABAP in HANA

Some highlights

  • You don’t have to change existing code (except if you have very specific database statements)
  • Follow the golden open SQL rules

A great moment for HANA Café NL to sit together with the speakers and recap the event in our third podcast.

Podcast starts with reactions from attendees, continues with Ben in Dutch. From 14:43 Jens is interviewed in English.

And of course, we ended the successful start of our new born focus group with some drinks.

More pictures in my #VNSGcdv kickoff album.


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