This week at SAP // 44

A week with some SAP TechEd replay highlights

Keynote Steve Lucas, Global President SAP Platform & Analytics

Age of the digital enterprise and connected everything is upon us. Everything will change tomorrow. Average age of company's is 15 years, in 2 years time it will be 12 years.

19:30 Steve tells about the SAP you knew (Analytics, Suite, Any DB), the SAP you know (Analytics, S/4HANA, HANA) and the SAP you should know (Cloud for Analytics, S/4HANA, Fieldglass, SuccessFactors, Ariba, Concur, HANA and Vora)

26:13 All about Vora, a technology bridge between world of big data and the transactional world. Vora is built without HANA but with Hadoop and Apache Spark. It's a first step to become the digital enterprise.

41:41 “The next UI is non at all” where Alexa (Amazon’s Siri) is introduced on stage with an integration to Cloud 4 Customer and Concur via SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Keynote Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board and the Global Managing Board of SAP

Bernd talked about the reinvented business platform, and brought a lot of demo’s to show that.

20:18 UX as a service, put the user in the center, that’s what they expect. UX is the number 1 topic for IT leaders. In 2015 that is stated for the first time by Gartner.

  • Discover UX – SAP Splash
  • Design UX – SAP Build
  • Develop & Deploy UX – SAP WebIDE

23:30 Demo on how to build an app the new way (SAP Build)

Cloud for analytics was a hot topic, introduced at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. See announcement at 40:50

42:00 Demo Cloud for Analytics

51:00 Demo Boardroom of the future, see how SAP runs its global business – realtime, especially the what if scenarios and simulation of business plan ideas when you switch from analytics to planning modus is extremely powerful.

At 57:57 Internet of Things gets the main stage with the TrenItalia case. By using sensors to monitor all the technical equipment of the train, TrenItalia saves over 100 mln, yearly.

1:07:18 SAP Vora is introduced to address big data challenges. The faster you analyse your data, the better you manage your business.

Scaling user experience design in the enterprise by Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer
Sam talks how Fiori has evolved to Fiori 2.0: Interaction, context, notification and social interaction.
In the past it was all about features and functions, nowadays UX became more important.
Design process is not just about solving problems, design takes you to a process of problem finding. Work on the right problem!

What’s new with HCP with Matthias Steiner, Rui Nogueira, James Wood
Of course Cloud Analytics and IoT but Cloud Foundry is not to be forgotten. 2016 will be a Cloud Foundry year. By adding additional deployment models and additional data centers SAP HCP will grow into the real extension platform as SAP foresees it. SAP does not want to compete on infrastructure and only focuses on the added value of a Platform as a Service. Examples are the in memory database, IoT services and a Cloud Connector for secure connection to your on premise system.

Get on the HCP train, as soon as possible!


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