5 Key takeaways from SAP TechEd keynote by Björn Goerke

My personal 5 key takeaways on the keynote that Björn Goerke did last week at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas. Maybe you remember the keynote from last year, where Björn got stuck on Mars and needed to "Code the #$^^@#% out of SAP technologies" (5:36). This year he returned back from space ... to travel

Back to the Digital Future

You already know that SAP HANA Cloud Platform is one of SAP's key cornerstones in the strategy. Digitisation means to separate transactions from innovations. Also called Two Speed IT, where systems of records are separated from systems of innovation. Nowadays the cloud is the space for agility. So quite logical that Doc Björn takes us with him on an SAP HCP journey.

1. Meta Data Extensions

Core Data Services have been enriched with Meta Data Extensions. Annotations that live as separate entities and can be managed separately. Add "OData.publish: true" to them and you can save on the Gateway work.

2. WebIDE

The WebIDE has been extended, it has become plugable. You can now build your own plugins, build your own templates, visualisations or macros - anything to support you in your developer life.

3. Decks

As a lab preview SAP Decks brings you Content-to-Go. Anywhere in your Fiori application you can "Add to Deck" for information that you want to bring with you on a mobile device. Switch to the Content2Go app and a card with the info you just added is shown.

4. Thing modeller

To simplify things management for devices the Thing Modeller is delivered. Managing thing types became easier. In one overview you can see the location of your thing, what kind of data it measures and more.

5. HANA Express Edition

Wanna play? With HANA Express Edition you can. It now runs on a mini PC which makes the HANA platform easily accessible for all developers that want to start building their own apps. You can even have your own local HANA Cloud Platform on this machine with the aid of Cloud Foundry.


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