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SAP TechEd, what else? Last week was the launch of SAP TechEd season 2016. Starting in Las Vegas, flying to Bangalore and finishing in Barcelona early November.

Björn Goerke
Keynote SAP TechEd
Highly recommended! Björn takes you Back to the Digital Future with SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Themed around the Back to the Future movies he shows how easy it is to start your own Digital Transformation by extending your backend ERP to the cloud and develop new applications.

Tom van Doorslaer
If YaaS is the answer, what is the question?
Tom interviews Dennis Schwerer on Hybris as a Service. Where Hybris is a brand name to offer complete applications like the Customer Engagement Center is YaaS the platform to offer and commercialise microservices. Here you can sell your own API's, just like SAP will do. It proves the digital transformation within SAP - in stead of selling licenses for huge applications, SAP now offers pay as you go for microservices with the shopping cart as one of the examples. 
Get your trial account at

Robin van het Hof
SAP HANA Express Launch
An interview with Thomas Grassl on the launch of SAP HANA Express. Robin and Thomas talk about the advantages for the developer community and the difference with the existing HANA Developer Edition. Three biggest benefits:
  1. You can download it for free
  2. Streamlined HANA edition with no strict hardware requirements
  3. Opened up even more to use it outside of SAP environment

Graham Robinson
Graham blogs on the HANA Express Edition as the only real announcement made at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. He shares details on what streamlined means and how to get started.

Matthias Steiner
New SAP Community powered by SAP HANA Cloud Platform
The SAP Community Network (SCN) will launch October 10. Matthias interviews Oliver on how the new SCN is truly an enterprise-grade proofpoint for microservice architecture based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


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