I Love Visual Composer

As said before, I am really happy with a tool as the Visual Composer, so happy that I even have a bumper sticker for it ;-)

Previously I did a presentation with the visual composer called: How to create an application in only 10 minutes. I did some restyling on this app, and really with just a few clicks you have a wizard on top of your screen that aids your end-user through the application / process.
You can define layers and add your input or output to these layers, make sure that you choose for Wizard at Navigation control and then ... deploy it and enjoy it.

Some screen shots:
Final application with layers

Step 1, Get Customers

Step 2, Customer List

Step 3, Customer Details

ps. You can order your own copy of the I Love Bumper Sticker here.


Anonymous said…

How do you see the position of NW XI/PI (or ESB technology in general) in the communication between a VC result (WD or Flash/Flex) and the business logic in the backend applications, SAP and non-SAP?

Is it possible at all to call a web/enterprise service from within VC via NW PI/XI?

Rik L.
tbroek said…
Hi Rik,

Of course it is possible to call services via XI/PI. You can connect directly to a webservice (handled via a link to the WSDL), but if you have XI/PI that not only integrates the enterprise services but also the web services, you call a web service via this integration layer.
See the VC as a tool to generate an UI, just as the NWDS for Web Dynpro. If in the architecture the five layer model is followed, you can call services via an integration layer as XI, but it is not mandatory.


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