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SAP NetWeaver CE Install party

On January 13th we gathered for our TopForce Knowledge Night: SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 EHP1 install party. Goal was to get the CE installed and running on the participants (16) laptops. After installation we planned to build the demo scenario as described in my SDN blog Easy process implementation with SAP NetWeaver BPM. Quite a full program, and we almost made it to the end. As we had to leave the office at 21:30 sharp we ran out of time and could not deploy and test run the application. Despite that we had a great evening with a lot of fun, strange issues (with 16 laptops you can get 16 different error messages) and new SAP NetWeaver BPM enthusiasts.

Temperature is rising, will it work or not?

See Tim looking really seriously to his process composer "Great stuff".
Conclusions of the evening:
  • Without the install manual it is very hard, installing CE is not plug and play
  • Installing the downloaded SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is even more complicated. Lucky for us that is described very well in the manual as well. But it is still strange that after installing you immediately have to update the installation.
  • Great fun, we can plan a second handson session on BPM


Aha, here they are our beta testers!
Have fun!
Product Management SAP NetWeaver CE
tbroek said…
Hi Benny
Thanks for your comment! Any beta testing to do / you now know where to find us ;-)

Twan, I'd like to ask you some question be email. Could you mail me on benny.schaich-lebek at sap (you know the rest)?

tbroek said…
Hi Benny, I sent you my details in a mail, but did not receive your question yet ... I am curious ;-)
Unknown said…
Dear Twan

I am freshman as SAP consultant.
Very interesting blog.

I am interested in BPM so much.
If we make business process
on SAP BPM, we dont need to
do customization on IMG SPRO?
Only thing we need to do is
to write the business process
on BPM and select the appropriate
Hi Twan,
and because of the last message I came hjere again and found that we missed each other in 2009. Sorry for that! I clearly remember waiting for that message, but somehow it must have been missed...
Sorry for that!

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