SAP Inside Track InnoJam NL tips for participation

Another get together at our HANA Café NL, this time:
  • Fred Verheul
  • Roel van den Berge
  • Ronald Konijnenburg
  • Twan van den Broek
We discussed the InnoJam event that takes place June 20/21 in Den Bosch.

Name change

SAP wants to reserve the “InnoJam” name for its own events as a prequel to SAP d-code. For community (VNSG) based events the “SAP Inside Track” name is used. So together: SAP Inside Track InnoJam NL sitinnojamNL in short.


The InnoJam concept remains the same. We’ll start with Design Thinking to get a deep dive into the business cases. Theme for this year is to help prevent the elderly to get into isolation.
Some ‘die-hard’ developers may ask why to join Design Thinking, that’s only for designers. We advice you to join and experience the added value of Design Thinking. It helps you to:

  • get to know your team mates
  • really understand the business case
  • work towards your final solution


Participants get a step ahead at the selection of this years DemoJam participants. And the winner gets even more steps ahead ;-) SAP decided to do so to distinguish between DemoJam entries that are developed in a lab with a high budget. Of course when you have built something real cool that is innovative you will still have a proper chance of participating at DemoJam.


  • Design Thinking // Friday 9:00 – 17:00
  • Coding // Friday 17:00 – Saturday 15:00
  • Finals // Saturday 15:00

Tips for participation

  1. Enjoy!
  2. Make sure your team activities are coordinated. You can implement scrum and make sure the real important things get done.
  3. Distribute the activities amongst team members. A backend developer can do backend developments, a functionalist can do background research and prepare story. However also take personal wishes into account. When a backend developer wants to do the frontend stuff, make use of this opportunity to do so.
  4. Ask questions and let the onsite experts help you

Join us at the InnoJam event and have a unique chance to play with SAP’s latest and greatest stuff. Team diversity is crucial, so participation is open to all. Developers, functionalists, project managers, business consultants, designers, …

See you June 20!


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