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#sitNL - The saga continues

sitNL2014 v1.png

For the 6th time Dutch SAP enthusiasts gather together on a Saturday, just right after SAP TechEd. Oh wait, just after SAP d-code ;-) We all know that the SAP world is changing rapidly as we speak. So times are changing (a great song from Bob Dylon).


  • SAP TechEd is rebranded to SAP d-code, and the program now offers a lot of new knowledge exchange opportunities. 
  • Until recently we talked about the SAP NetWeaver platform, but as HANA is not ‘only’ an in memory database, we now explain the SAP HANA (Cloud) Platform to our customers. 
  • sitNL started in Eindhoven, in the southern part of the Netherlands. But we had to move to a new location. We will move about 20 kilometers to the north to ‘s Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch in short). Home of SAP NL and SAP partners like The Next View. We will move to the office of The Next View. 
  • The working space of SAP technicians and business intelligence folks is merging more and more. Something that we needed to reflect in our agenda, that why we offer a third track this year. A track dedicated to the latest and greatest on SAP BI.

Not changed, never change a winning concept

  • A technology and a d-code recap track. 
  • Sessions that last 30 minutes max with a very sophisticated time-boxing tool.
  • Enough chatting and gathering time with breaks for coffee, lunch and drinks. 
  • Our one and only SAP SCN quiz master Sven van Leuken
  • Live podcast recording for both the Dutch BI podcast and HANA Café NL
  • High quality sessions by peers from the SAP community. 
  • And yes, dinner prepared and offered by Haseenah Penninkhof.

So, we’re happy to invite you

  • November 29th in Den Bosch (‘s Hertogenbosch)
  • The Next View Office (Different location), next to SAP HQ NL
  • Amerikastraat 3

Your name on the agenda?

Our wiki page is now open for registration of your session. Share your knowledge and get live appreciation of your peers.


You can register yourself by filling in our form and add your name to the sitNL wiki page.

Recap 2013

Thanks to our 2014 sponsors

Hope to see you November 29th!
The sitNL 8 party squad:

Also published on SCN.


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