Relive the 6th #sitNL

Saturday November 29 around 75 SAP enthusiasts gathered to share SAP knowledge and passion at the 6th SAP Inside Track Netherlands, sitNL in short.

First some figures:
  • 87 registrations
  • 5 sponsors
  • 19 high quality sessions
  • 22 enthusiastic speakers
  • 1 HANA start up
  • 1 pubquiz
  • 14 SAP Mentors
  • 1 SAP Mentor junior

Second a recap in pictures / slides

Welcome and opening

SAP TechEd && d-code recap

Explained why the WebIDE should not have been called the WATT.
Birst: Instant Analytics for SAP ERP, BW, HANA data and other sources. A full Data warehousing solution running on the HANA Cloud Platform.
Jerry Tricker

Live building of a HANA warehouse with drag and drop. Led to absolutely silence in the room.
Experiences doing SAP Security research and how SAP handles vulnerabilities reported by external security researchers

SAP hacking is fun, but please it to SAP security as well.
Care-MIT secrets. A DemoJam participant

Without any old lady this time we thought of new functional requirements on the fly ;-)
Everything you always wanted to know about Tableau, but were afraid to ask

Explains Tableau between all kind of SAP enthusiasts - living on the edge 
Mobile Security Bug Parade - How to avoid creating insecure mobile applications

"Don't trust the client. They re all liars."
A deep dive into the latest and greatest when architecting and modelling the SAP EDW.

No slides (or just a few), only HANA.
How to compete with the SAPUI5 Sexyness, as a WebDynpro Developer

Finally the good old VA03 transaction on screen 
How to build the backend part of your application in HANA.

Explains that there are 2 Web IDE's: The one from Denise and the one from HANA.
Custom Visualizations in SAP Design Studio, What, Why and How.

Clear examples of visualizations and lots of code.
SAP Web IDE Layout editor in action, but I will also show other parts like templates or the code editor.

Happy that the Web IDE is offered in the cloud as we could not connect her laptop to our screen.
HANA Start up Cupenya about running your business with analytics from the future

Analytics with automated workflow actions. Great to have had a HANA startup in our line up.
Showing an end to end example of automated processes triggered by Cloud Sensors

The only speaker who asked for a screwdriver at his entrance. He wanted to fix his Thing with Internet 
Agile Software Engineering

Scrum is not enough, add some Test Driven Development
Re-cap on all SAP BI related highlights of the TechEd in Las Vegas and Berlin

Sharing the Vegas and Berlin experiences. What would happen if they both join the same SAPtd?
How to Extend SAP Fiori Apps

What to do when you want to adapt Fiori apps?
Thorstenster Surprise Show

No slides, just Thorsten again. A very lively discussion about troublemakers.

Amazing questions, even ones that I just don't dare to repeat over here 

The third is about the three tracks we had. The additional BI track was a huge success! Great sessions and active participation. We have already decided that a BI track is a track that needs to stay in the program.

Fourth a big THANK YOU to our sponsors

Fifth a big thanks to our speakers and to Roel van den Berge for operating a complex coffee machine. Special mention to Leo van Hengel and Peter Combee for support and cleaning up the mess.

Sixth a huge shout out to Haseenah Penninkhof who again organized an amazing dinner in the evening:


And seventh
Hope to see you next year as well. If you want to join, we will organize a 7th episode.

The sitNL party squad:
All pictures taken from our sitNL photo album.

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