This week at SAP // 39

Moya Watson
HCP Podcast #24
Listen to episode 24 to learn about SAP Build which became general available after a long period of prototyping. SAP Build, SAP's prototyping tool in which you can create a Fiori app on base of a pencil sketch. Next to that there is a lot of reusable material on the design process. Check it out on

Moya also interviews Will Powell and Nic Doodson from Keytree on their InnoJam experience. A few hours later they won the SAP DemoJam, for a 4th time!!
More SAP HANA Cloud Platform podcasts available at this wiki or in iTunes.

Sonali Desai
HCP at TechEd 2016, Las Vegas: Day by Day synopsis
A day by day wrap up of all things SAP HCP at SAP TechEd Las Vegas. Blog includes a short summary and links to relevant replays. Great material to look into if you're preparing for your own SAP TechEd visit.


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