Ciber Kickstarter Finals 2013

Yesterday the Ciber Kickstarter 2013 finals took place. Five finalists took the stage and presented their idea to the jury in order to win the “innovator of the year award”. 

Some background

How did we get there? What started out as “So You Think You Can Innovate” in 2011 and 2012, turned into Ciber Kickstarter in 2013. Still a gamification of innovation ideas, extended with a ‘social’ element: 
Submit your idea on our site and get funding to work on your project. Funding not like real money, but with friends, people who like your idea on LinkedIn with a voting button. To make it to the next round the jury evaluated every idea on a few aspects:
  • Innovative value
  • Fit with Ciber portfolio
  • Presentation of the idea 
  • Number of votes on LinkedIn
With the initiative we want to create a platform to facilitate innovative ideas. Don’t just think of it, create it! See how it grows into a working prototype. Get support and coaching from Ciber management and join the competition. As the world changes so fast, it is important to provide this platform to stimulate innovation and collaboration. Don’t try to do it all yourself, find colleagues with similar or different expertise to make your project a success.

Ciber Kickstarter 2013

We started out with 16 great ideas. All different from each other:
  • SAP and non SAP based. 
  • Using gadgets like the Pebble smartwatch of making use of the latest new technology like SAPUI5. 
  • Facilitating a cumbersome process or delivering a new process. 
  • Social responsibility.
  • HR, CRM, Insurance, BI, Invoice management, Supply chain management.
From the original 16 entries, 5 made it to yesterday’s finals.


Mobile data capture and case management /// Bulat Yaminov

How to send a claim to your insurance company? In stead of a paperflow process, send in a picture of your damage with your mobile phone and automatically start the claim process. The meta data of the sent in materials are automatically retrieved and distributed to the claim agent. Innovative for both customer and insurance company.

CallTaker /// Wim Snoep, Leo van Hengel, Bart van Lankveld, Duong Truong, Jan Laros

To create a call in SAP you have to process a lot of screens with a lot of fields. Some of these fields are even not required within the process. To make this user friendly a responsive web application is created, the CallTaker. An SAP Fiori like application that can run on a desktop, tablet or mobile device and provides an easy to use interface (based on SAPUI5).

Surplus Management /// Ravi Santani, Meile de Haan, Michael Hardenbol

A cloud market place where companies can offer their surplus stock and other companies are able to buy it. Instead of your surplus turning into waste, you are still able to sell it.

BI Reporting on a smartwatch /// Alex Rasing, Sven van Leuken, Joury Jonkergouw, Sarah Toelen

Wearables are hot, 2014 will be the year of wearables like a smartwatch or the long awaited Google Glass. What about getting the really important notifications on your watch. No need to find your phone or log in to a portal. Have a look at your watch and decide whether it is necessary to take action.

Alex and his team worked with the CloudSitter (SAP TechEd DemoJam winners) idea. With wearable underwear for your baby it is possible to collect different parameters. This data can be analyzed and compared within the cloud. Predictive analysis enables to notify parents on their smartwatch in case their baby is in trouble. With this process it is possible to identify Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in an early stage and save your child’s life.

SAP CRM, SRM Finance or HR-Data visualization powered by ROAMBI /// Norbert Maijoor

Visualize any SAP data within days instead of weeks or even months. With Roambi as a platform it is possible to facilitate managers, sales, marketing and employees by turning data into information.

And the winner is ...

For the finals we brought the following jury members together:

  • Rob van de Marck, director VNSG
  • Mario Smit, director Ciber Technology Solutions
  • Tom Steenbakkers, account director Ciber
  • Twan van den Broek, no director ;-)

It was a tough job for the jury and really a close call. The results:

  1. BI Reporting on a smartwatch
  2. CallTaker
  3. Mobile data capture and case management

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants for submitting their great innovative ideas!

Mario Smit presenting the innovator of the year award.

Final words

Some tips for future participants

  • Make sure your business case is clear and right
  • Find friends, with collaboration you can achieve more
  • Make sure you have a working prototype
  • User centered design proves you really understand the enduser
  • Storytelling, share your story in an enthusiastic way – convince your audience

See you next year!

Thanks to Louis van de Wiele who took the pictures.


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