Onzeker over je ABAP toekomst?

Er gebeurt veel in SAP land, zeker op NetWeaver gebied. Wellicht maakt je dat onzeker of aan het twijfelen. Lees de blog van Matt Danielsson op SDN dan eens.
Needless to say, this trend has caused some concern in developer circles. So what can today's ABAP developer do to avoid getting pinched between outsourcing on one hand and model-driven, do-it-yourself business people on the other?
Ik heb ook de vrijheid genomen om daar een reactie van mijn kant op te plaatsen:

Good article, things are changing rapidly. So, no wonder that some of the classic ABAP developers are worrying about their future. But that is good, worrying is step 1 into your new future. I am worrying more about the developers that do not worry yet, those are the ones that should be afraid of their future.Back to step 1, worrying. Now it is time to go to the next step, that is stop worrying and look at the opportunities. There will always be a need for good developers both ABAP and Java. Building business logic on the backend or in services this must be done before services can be consumed in a model or composite. The challenge for the coming years is to build services that are really stable and perform well in the coming services. Make sure that you apply everything that you have learned the past years. Also the ‘in-between-role’, between the business analyst and the core developer, let’s say the business process expert, is gaining more and more importance. It is not just doing functional stuff, neither is it just doing technical stuff. If you can make the
handshake between business problems and technical solutions you are of great value in the coming SAP years.

So, STOP worrying and TAKE action.

By the way, when I say ABAP, I mean ABAP objects. So for the classical ABAP developers: please make sure that you ‘migrate’ to the ABAP Objects language. Mind these lines, they are from a classical-old-school-ABAP-developer ;-)


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